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A Message From Our CEO:

I have always been passionate about helping people create a better life and my own life took a different turn many years ago when I had to face the problem life handed to me: my own relative was addicted to drugs. Very fortunate for me and my family, he recovered. I am living a success story that treatment does work and I am reminded of that every single time I pick up the phone and speak to him, see pictures of his children and have family get-togethers. He has been drug-free for the last 20 years.

Seeing his recovery and success in life, and seeing others have similar success has driven me to make rehab my life’s work.

At Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, that passion is not only shared by me, but my staff as well. We work 24/7 to fulfill our missions:

1. Rehabilitate the individual through our inpatient treatment program and aftercare program.

2. Educate youth and adults about drugs and the dangers of drugs, with the aim of preventing future drug use and addiction.

The staff at Suncoast Rehabilitation Center and I help those addicted to drugs and alcohol handle the physical deficiencies, weakness and problems created through drug use, providing necessary counseling and life skills therapy to put them back in control of their lives and futures so they can live happy and drug-free for the rest of their lives! We believe anyone can be helped to overcome their addiction and that through effective education, future drug use can be prevented.

I strive to provide the best environment and program for you or a loved one recover.

Give us a call. I look forward to the chance of meeting you.


Tammy Strickling
CEO Suncoast Rehabilitation Center


About our Facility:

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is located in Spring Hill, Florida on three acres of land. It is a rural and peaceful environment which serves as being very therapeutic for our clients. It is important for clients in the program to be distanced from their former associations and environments. Our three-acre campus is a comfortable and casual retreat aimed at healing.

By providing a new, safe, trigger-free environment, distanced from past negative associations and surroundings for an extended period of time, the chance for success increases dramatically. Our clients are treated with respect and are allowed to be themselves. We don’t just get people off drugs; we bring them back to the way they were before they ever started taking drugs.

About our Program:

The program is results based and there is no time limit to the program. Many successful graduates are done within 3 to 4 months but some take longer. Each step of the program has a specific end result and a person is only done when they achieve that end result, regardless of how long it takes to get there.

Our drug rehab program consists of an exact sequence of steps that enable a person to live happily without drugs.

The New Life Detoxification program helps the person remove the build-up of drugs in the body. This build-up creates an urge to take the drugs, even though the person truly wants to stop, and makes it harder for them to get off drugs and stay off them. This step helps remove the build-up, and the urge.

Social education, delivered at various points in the program, helps the person overcome their drug addiction and become a part of the family and community once again.

The person also deals with the situations that first led them to drugs. They learn valuable tools to apply in life, and gain confidence in their ability to live a drug-free life they truly enjoy.

About our Staff:

Prince - a special team member at Suncoast Rehabilitation CenterPrinceOur staff is specially trained in the Narconon program methodology and each have many years of experience and many thousands of hours working with addicts to help them overcome their addiction(s).  The SRC staff continue their training on a regular basis.

Many of our counselors are recovered addicts themselves which allows for a strong common bond with our clients and gives them the ability to recognize, on a first person basis, how our clients feel. The staff knows where our clients are coming from and what they are going through because many of them have been there.

A special member of our team is “Prince”.  He’s the SRC dog and happily greets all new clients and visitors.

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