Our Program

Our drug and alcohol rehab program consists of an exact sequence of steps that enable a person to live happily without drugs.

The New Life Detoxification program helps the person remove the build-up of drugs in the body. This build-up creates an urge to take the drugs, even though the person truly wants to stop, and makes it harder for them to get off drugs and stay off them. This step helps remove the build-up, and the urge.

Social education, delivered at various points in the program, helps the person overcome their drug addiction and become a part of the family and community once again.

The person also deals with the situations that first led them to drugs. They learn valuable tools to apply in life, and gain confidence in their ability to live a drug-free life they truly enjoy.

The program is not a specified length of time. We’re after results, and with some it takes longer than others. Many successful graduates are done within 3 or 4 months. However long it takes, the price does not change.

Other programs structure their costs around what insurance companies are likely to pay. They often only last about 30 days – even though the person isn’t prepared to go back out there and start their new life. With our program, they don’t graduate until they’re really ready. And the cost remains the same. That’s one of the reasons our drug and alcohol rehab program is so successful.

PHASE I: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

Drug-Free Withdrawal

This first step helps the person get off the drugs they’re taking quickly and without extreme discomfort. Our nutritional program helps, along with vitamins and a caring staff that really knows how to deal with these problems.

IMG_1031Once we have our doctor’s okay, we design a program that helps the person through withdrawal. Many people who want to stop taking drugs try to do it on their own but can’t get through the often extremely painful withdrawal process. With our tailored program, including replacing the nutrients robbed by the drugs, we help the body get through withdrawal with minimal discomfort. Each person in our program is cared for by a Withdrawal Specialist 24 hours a day until the physical and mental discomfort is gone.

“I am still alive! Even though its only been 5 days, I’m OK and with no dope! The withdrawal process was remarkably mild. I have never successfully completed a withdrawal for some years. I could not deal with the withdrawal, the depression, and the long pain. That’s why I was on methadone for so long. Now I am clean and looking forward to physical detoxification to complete the process. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but that is a goal that I think would really brighten my outlook on myself and my future. Thanks!” -JP

The Communication Course


Abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol often starts with communication difficulties. Problems that might have been addressed through communication were left unresolved. Those problems, and the person’s ability to communicate, are made worse with drugs. The Communication Course teaches the person all about communication with others. The drills and practical applications increase the clients  ability to use communication to confront and address problems with themselves and others honestly – no matter how unpleasant the subject. No longer will withdrawal from friends and family be their only solution. The specific exercises in this course address many aspects of communication and helps clients develop focus, confront and easily resolve their problems with others.

The Narconon® New Life Detoxification Program

IMG_0991One of the reasons a person continues to take drugs or goes back on them after having quit, is the build up of drug residue in the fatty tissues. The residue stays there and can be released into the bloodstream even years after the person has stopped taking drugs. This can result in the person feeling many of the same symptoms they felt when they were on drugs, and can lead to drug cravings. The Narcocon® New Life Detoxification Program removes drug residues and other toxic substances through medically supervised exercise, nutritional supplements, and intensive sweating in a dry detoxification process. Most clients completing this program experience an increase in well-being, mental alertness and clarity as well as greatly reduced or elimination of drugs cravings.

“I feel extremely good mentally and physically.  Extremely clear thinking, even better than prior to drug use and my eyesight is amazing!  My eyesight is better, great physical and mental feelings.  I feel GOOD!” R.F.

“I know I’m done with sauna because my reactions gradually became less and less until I completely stopped reacting.  I feel physically better than I have in years.  I also feel mentally stronger in many ways.  I feel smart and capable, I’m pleased with the work I’ve done and the goals I’ve achieved via the sauna, which are even better than I had hoped for.” N.M.

PHASE II: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

Phase II of the program includes effective therapies to restore abilities to focus on real goals and to return self-control to the addict. It helps a person snap out of traumatic events in which he may be stuck, and increases his ability to deal with the realities of life.

Learning Improvement Course

Although one’s ability to study may seem to be unrelated to recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, it’s actually one of the most important basics of our program. Teaching clients the tools they need to change their life and live drug-free won’t do any good if they can’t retain the information and actually use it in daily life. We start this phase of the program with the Learning Improvement Course so clients can effectively use the rest of the information they learn with us to change and manage their lives.

The Communication and Perceptions Course

index_clip_image013Addicts use drugs to change the way they feel. Drugs tend to numb their perceptions and things that bothered them before seem to go away. But the emotions and, sometimes, physical sensations they’re experiencing don’t actually change with drugs – only their perception of them changes. When they stop taking drugs, those feelings are still there. And often they’re worse than before. They can have a hard time escaping from these feelings and he tends to be stuck in past experiences and upsets. This makes it very hard to lead the life they want. This course gets the client to focus on the present and the future so he can better control his life and environment.

Before I came to SRC to get clean I had a lot of problems that I did not realize.  Book 4B helped me tremendously. When I was on drugs I was stuck in the past with a lot of pain to deal with. It has brought me into present time and helped me communicate with myself and the people and things around me.  Communication has always been one of the hardest things for me to do.  I know that was one of the biggest reasons why I used drugs.  I now feel completely comfortable with myself when communicating. It has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I can’t even express how great I feel about myself now.  I loved 4B and I recommend everyone to do it.” J.B.

PHASE III: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

One thing that is very common among alcohol and drug users is a loss of self-esteem. They often feel confused and guilty about their past, and about taking drugs. Phase III is a cleansing experience that sets the client free from these burdens. It restores his sense of self-worth, making him much more effective in facing up to and doing something about life’s problems.

Ups and Downs in Life Course

You often find that addicts and alcoholics are associated with anti-social personalities and others who are a bad influence or cause harm. Sometimes it’s not easy to see who these people are, but to remain drug free it’s vital to be able to recognize them and tell the difference between someone who is going to make your life better and those who could make it worse. In this course, clients learn the characteristics of both types of people so they can make the right choices when it comes to friends, associates, and so on. It also teaches you how to deal with the anti-social type of person. This is also vital to staying off drugs and changing your life.

Personal Values and Integrity Course

PersonalValuesandPeople who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol often tend to lose their sense of right and wrong. Their true values have sometimes been compromised because they haven’t been living honestly. The Personal Values and Integrity Course restores those values and gives the client a feeling of freedom and self-respect.

This course addresses the lifestyle that often goes along with addiction – lying to family and friends and, sometimes, criminal activity. When a person isn’t honest about themselves and their past, they can be haunted by the things they’ve done. Until a person confronts and takes responsibility for these deeds, they’re often:

  • Unwilling to communicate
  • Withdraw from those who care about them
  • Are angry with those who try to help them
  • Resent authority
  • Are uncomfortable around those with high values and integrity
  • Can’t develop good and meaningful relationships

That is the ‘drug personality.’ It’s not who they really are; the drugs and alcohol have changed their personality. They’re often not recognizable as the person you once knew.

They also choose friends who are in a similar condition – which makes their life even worse, and more dangerous.

An entire section of the Personal Values and Integrity Course addresses how to choose, live with, and develop close and meaningful relationships with people who will actually make their life better.

I feel like my responsibility level has increased just over the last day.  By taking responsibility for my actions, I feel much better.  I am no longer harboring any unpleasant thoughts which might hinder my rehabilitation.  I have learned that harming one aspect of my life can affect all of the dynamics of my life.  I now realize that taking responsibility for misdeeds is a much better option than never being discovered and carrying [the weight of the things I’ve done] with me throughout my life.” M.S.

The Changing Conditions in Life Course

Every aspect of life can be changed for the better if a person knows how to go about it and how to make the right decisions. In fact, making the wrong decisions can be very dangerous for an addict, and can prevent full recovery. The Changing Conditions in Life course shows the client how to determine which decisions are right for them and what roads to take to improve their lives and those of their family, groups he belongs to, and general livingness. When the client has completed this course, he is no longer plagued with wrong decisions he’s made in the past, and is confident he’ll make correct decisions and be able to make his life better in the future.

“I have always had difficulty in dealing with real-life situations because I became confused about what was the .right. thing to do. How to deal with family, girlfriends, bosses, etc. This course taught me specific ways about how to decide on a course of action for any situation. I am certain that I can now make the right decisions, now matter what. something I was never able to do in the past!” -ST

The Way to Happiness Course

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We go through life making mistakes and hoping we can do better in the future. Sometimes we just don’t know how to make ourselves and others happy. The Way to Happiness Course offers common sense guidelines to live by and when they’re followed, the client can live a happy, alcohol and drug-free life.

I sincerely feel I’ve obtained real major long-lasting wins. I truly now have faith in this program and I know I really am learning/gaining new vital skills that are real to me and I will use in my life many, many times. I’ve vastly improved my communication skills with others (family, friends, co-workers, Narconon clients and staff and even myself) and am now a much less selfish thinker and can now see other’s points of view, am able to acknowledge it and can in a much easier manner, apologize and handle these situations, even when argumentative and end our communication in a way which will leave myself and the other party at an understanding (and ending in the best possible outcome, to the best of my new-found ability.) THIS IS TRULY A HAPPY MOMENT FOR ME AND WHAT I FEEL IS THE BIGGEST SUCCESS I’VE HAD THUS FAR.” N.M.

PHASE IV: The Narconon® Drug Rehab Program

In this final phase we go over everything that’s been done during the program to make sure the client got the most out of it and is ready to move on.

Final Program Review


This review is personalized for each client.

  1. We go over each earlier step to make sure nothing has been left out, and, if needed,.
  2. We add to their program to ensure the client is really prepared for graduation and their new life. We review issues such as marriage, raising kids, how to deal with work effectively, how to resolve conflicts, how to manage money, and other issues, depending on what each person needs in their life.

Although the client gets better with each of these steps, it is the combination that enables them to live a drug-free, productive and ethical life without relapse.

Over the last thirty years we’ve helped thousands of people beat addiction and change their lives though this program.

Follow-up Program

To make sure the client has the support and help he needs to do well after graduation, we develop a custom follow-up program for the first year. We keep in touch regularly with the client and family to make sure things are progressing and stable and if there are any problems that threaten sobriety, we ask the client to return. We then thoroughly address the problems he’s having so he can continue to progress.

This confidential program is tailor-made down to every detail to make sure the client is comfortable from beginning to end. Graduation usually happens in 3 to 5 months, depending on what the client needs.

Our drug rehab program utilizes the drug-free social education methodology of L. Ron Hubbard and is achieving a graduate success rate of 76%, more than three times the national average.

Narconon is an independent, non-religious network designed to provide service to persons of any faith, religion, or belief. Persons interested in attending church, temple, etc., during their drug rehabilitation program are encouraged to do so and are escorted to nearby churches or places of worship. There is no religious instruction or course material whatsoever in the Narconon program. There ARE many courses addressing concepts of ethics, integrity, and personal responsibility, etc., which are essential to understand and be able to apply in life in order to live drug-free and ethical lives.

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Why Addicts Cannot Stop Using Drugs or Alcohol

You may have heard of or experienced people getting off drugs and then starting again. It is extremely frustrating for the former addict, friends and family and quite mystifying why the person would want to get back into that life. But it’s not just bad luck when this happens – there are reasons for it, and these reasons are addressed in the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program.

We’re going to explain these reasons in this section, and it’s vital that you understand them – even if you have to go through this a few times to make sure you’ve really got it. These are the keys to successful recovery and they are the reasons why this program has a high success rate.

Although there are many reasons why a person starts taking drugs, there are two basic reasons why addiction continues:

  1. Mental and physical cravings don’t stop unless drug residues are released from the body. Even though the person is no longer taking the drug, traces of the drug are still in their system. They lodge in fatty tissues – and we all have lots of that even if we’re slim – and can be released into the bloodstream for years afterwards. When they’re released, they create an urge to take drugs. The Narconon Drug Rehabiliation Program addresses this thoroughly.
  2. A drug addict develops a way of thinking that keeps him going back to drugs. He has adopted a lifestyle that enables him to get drugs and live as an addict. If this way of thinking, known as the “Drug Personality,” is not addressed in drug rehab, these thought processes can lead the person right back into a life of drugs. The ‘Drug Personality” is also thoroughly addressed in the Narconon program.

These situations work hand-in-hand – and unless both are addressed, the person’s chances of full recovery are slim.

Drug Residues: What they are and how they work

The addicted person can “just say no” a thousand times, but it only takes saying “yes” one time to start the cycle of addiction again. This is, in part, due to drug residues.

Enlarged Human CellsSeveral decades ago, it was discovered that drugs can stay in the body for years even though the person has stopped taking them. Also discovered was the effect this has on addiction. This biochemical breakthrough led to the development of a program that is today the most successful drug rehab program available.

Drug Residues Remain in Fatty Tissues

Although drugs are released from the bloodstream within a short period of time, traces of them stay in other parts of the body. These traces, known as drug metabolites, lodge in the fatty tissues and are stored there indefinitely.

When the metabolites are dislodged, they go back into the bloodstream and the person can re-experience mental and physical symptoms as if they were currently taking the drug. This also creates cravings that the person may give in to – especially if he hasn’t done a drug rehab program that addressed the ‘Drug Personality.’

If the drug residues are not released from the fatty tissue during the drug rehab program, this can go on for years – even decades. Every cell in our body is renewed over time. This is called ‘tissue turnover’. The turnover for fat cells is extremely slow. So, little by little, as the fatty tissue dies and is regenerated, the drug residues are released and the cravings and symptoms are stimulated over and over again.

This also creates continuous stress – which will help push the person towards drugs. He may say no over and over again, but giving in just once could put him back into the cycle of addiction.

The Cycle of Quitting, Withdrawal, Craving And Relapse

Another phenomena that contributes to relapse happens in the brain. Because the brain is used to getting the drugs, and when a person quits taking them the brain still physically wants them. It is dependent on them for ‘normal’ operation. At first, through withdrawal, it’s really bad. But it doesn’t stop there. Even as the withdrawal symptoms subside, the brain still “demands” the drug. This is another type of drug craving, and it’s extremely powerful. Powerful enough to make the person come up with reasons why he should take drugs again.

If he does, he is once again caught in the addiction.

With some addicts, this happens over and over again. And each time he tries to quit he goes through painful withdrawal again. It can be an endless cycle.

The brain does eventually learn to operate without the drugs, but if the residues are not removed from the fatty tissue during the drug rehab program and, instead, are released over and over again for years, the brain reacts like the person had taken the drug again. And you’re back at square one. Under these circumstances, relapse is always a possibility – no matter how long ago the person stopped taking drugs.

Handling the Drug Metabolites

With the Narconon drug program, the drug residues or metabolites are eliminated through a regiment of exercise, sweating them out with our New Life Detoxification, and nutritional supplements (no substitute drugs). By the time this phase of the program is complete the drugs are gone.

Getting rid of the drug residue in the fatty tissues can have remarkable effects:

  • Cravings for drugs and alcohol are greatly reduced or completely eliminated
  • Depression, anxiety, fatigue and other symptoms common with drug addiction and alcoholism are minimal or gone completely.
  • The person can think more clearly.
  • Memory, focus and attention span improves.
  • Energy is markedly increased.
  • An increased sense of well being.
  • Feeling enthusiastic about life.

Handling the “Drug Personality”

Once the drugs are removed from the body, we start to work on getting rid of the false drug personality and restoring the person to who they really are.

The client studies specially-developed courses that work hand-in-hand, each complementing and expanding on the other, to help the person identify the various aspects of the drug personality and life-style. This is done through unique cognitive and objective therapies, and is followed by life skills training.

The former addict is ready for graduation when he recognizes and accepts responsibility for his actions, his habit patterns, and his justifications for these, and he has a new understanding of himself and his relationships with family, friends and his environment.

He is now no longer an addict – he has made that decision on his own and is now back to being himself.

And since anything that could get him hooked again has been thoroughly examined and addressed, he is going to stay that way.

As so many program graduates say, “The future is once again accessible, and anything is possible.”

Bottom line: Our drug and alcohol rehab program works!

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