Suncoast Rehabilitation Center – Long Term Residential Rehab Program For Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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  • We are located on the west coast of Florida.
  • We use a holistic, alternative, non-12 step treatment program that is an alternative to the traditional 12-step treatment models.
  • We have a 76% average success rate among our program graduates, four times the national average.
  • We don’t share the belief “Once an addict always an addict”.
  • We are a long-term residential in patient facility.
  • Our intensive treatment program addresses the physical and mental aspects of the addiction and gets to the source – the real problem – that led to drug use in the first place.
  • We use an intensive physical detoxification program to remove the drugs & toxins from the body that cause cravings & relapse.
  • We use in-depth life skills and cognitive therapy courses and counseling that get to the bottom of why the addict started using in the first place.
Client's on the physical detoxification portion of the program

Client’s Exercising as Part of the Physical Detoxification Portion of the Program

Get to the bottom of the problem and live a happy and successful life WITHOUT drugs!

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